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The Magic of Baking is an online baking class with tons of videos, PDFs, and photos that will teach you the secret fundamentals and science of baking in a fun and visual way. 

You’ll learn HOW and WHY things work (or don’t) so you can consistently create delicious treats every single time.

The best part? All the content is already waiting for you to go through on your own time at your convenience, with no “expiration date.” It'll become your favorite baking resource!

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Magic of Baking Members have said: 

“I joined The Magic of Baking because I wanted to build up my baking skills. Now I’m baking in ways I never did before, and seeing answers to questions I didn’t know to ask! The course is fun, informative and easy to follow. I love how it literally breaks everything down so you can physically see and understand how it all works without feeling overwhelmed.”

 – Ali W.

“For me, The Magic of Baking is what has made such a difference in my baking. It has COMPLETELY taken my confidence to another level. I actually have had people ask me when I’m going to open a bakery!” 

-Nicole W.

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!  

Now it’s your turn to take your baking to the next level. I’ve made it easy to understand the science of baking. To know why things don’t always turn out right, even if you followed the recipe.  

Consider yourself officially invited to join this tight knit community of passionate home bakers. To feel completely confident when you enter your kitchen. To make consistently delicious treats your friends and family won’t forget. All with the ease and convenience of flexible online access. 

You’re gonna love it!

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  • 14 lesson videos unlocking the magic of baking in a FUN way, all available whenever you're ready (no specific dates or times)  
  • Beautifully visual PDF guides with side-by-side comparisons to download and save  
  • BONUS library of resources on topics ranging from make-ahead baking to cheesecake to frosting! 
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