Tessa's Christmas Cookies

Easy recipes for the best holiday treats to make and share!

  • 24+ perfected EASY holiday cookie recipes (no special equipment or ingredients required)
  • Creative ideas for decorating, packaging, and gifting cookies
  • My BEST baking secrets
  • Printable recipe cards!
  • BONUS gift tags and cookie party printables!
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Easy, impressive, and reliable recipes.



Creative & adorable gift and packaging ideas!


If you buy now you also get my Cookie Exchange Party Printable Pack! It’s the best way to share in the joy of holiday baking with your best friends and family.

Here's the scoop:

Between my countless cookie experiments, publishing a print cookbook with 50 cookie recipes, and graduating from culinary school, I’ve become an expert on cookies. I know TOO MUCH about cookies and am desperate to share!

I first published The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies in 2013 and the post is still completely viral. The entire series has been pinned 1 MILLION times and has been featured on NPR, People magazine, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

My takeaway from this craziness? Everyone loves cookies and wants to share them. That’s why I want to make this holiday season your most delicious and delightful yet.

100% Satisfaction Guarntee

The best part about buying anything from me is that I offer a 30-day satisfaction risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the eBook you can get your money back. Since it’s a digital product, you still get to keep the book even after being refunded. 

Why would I do this? Because I’m confident that you will love the book. I’ve put so much work into it and invested so much of my own time and resources that I think the work speaks for itself.

How many more failed or mediocre batches of cookies will you make? Cookies that even Santa won’t eat? How many more times will you try out a recipe only to be disappointed? Instead, impress your friends and family with your baking prowess and delight them with the best cookies they’ve ever received!


Get ready to relish in the “oohhs” and “mmmms” as everyone bites into your cookies this year. Common responses to these recipes include:

“Where did you find the time to make this from scratch?!” “This is the BEST THING I’ve ever eaten!” “You HAVE to share this recipe with me. Everyone loves it!” “Move over Martha!” “When can you bake another batch? This one won’t last long!”


if you buy now.

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